Alice Williams is a Melbourne-based author and columnist.

She is very excited for two reasons; her latest book ‘Bad Yogi’ will be published by Affirm Press in 2019 and shortly before that she’ll pop out her latest child (hopefully). She already has another small, fabulous child and she’s really looking forward to more wiping and photographing the carefully staged results for Instagram.

Alice’s first book, ‘Would it kill you to say please?’ was published by Text Publishing, and is fabulous for the young upstart in your life who needs to know how to remain dignified while getting pissed, dealing with arse-hats, negotiating dating / first jobs and generally staying serene when the raw cacao hits the fan.

What else? She’s awesome at re-writing other professional people’s bios so they sound like warm human beings, but not so her own! Well that sucks for her, but trust us, she’s as warm as the baked beans you made an hour ago. And almost as good at small talk.

Pre-first-baby Alice taught yoga and loved it, and she’s hoping to resume once the second baby lets her out of the house. (Let’s be real – once her pelvic floor stays firmly in her pants.)