Could a ‘growth mindset’ be the real secret to success?

By conventional measures, David Fitter is the picture of success. After almost a decade playing rugby for the Australian Wallabies, he decided to become a doctor. (As you do.)

Now in his second year as a medical resident, he’s taken up skateboarding in his downtime. Not put off by the stares of local kids, he’s just mastered the 180 varial kickflip. But according to Fitter the key to his success is that he’s never naturally been good at anything.

We need to rewrite the ‘deathbed regrets’ list for women

Apparently our latest #firstworldproblem is that we are rapidly approaching ‘peak Upworthy’. If an inspiring college student’s spoken word piece ‘brought hardened stockbrokers to tears’, we’ve shared it. If a mother duck in a Bronx alley had three must-watch lessons on tough-love, we’ve learned them.

Do you have ‘goal fatigue’?

Most days I get out of bed at 5.45am and practice yoga. I do not leap or spring, in fact I’m a zombie until 7am, when BOOM! I feel energised, zen-ified and yes, just a little bit smug. My secret is ‘Auto-pilot’. The lazy person’s way of accomplishing the most while doing the least.

But lately it hasn’t felt like enough. Last week when I couldn’t muster the energy for handstand my teacher gave us a lecture; ‘How can we expect to achieve your goals when we don’t challenge ourselves? Where have we ever gotten on auto-pilot?’ Does 5.45am count for nothing?