A teen girl’s guide to getting off

Teenage girls, whether they’re spruiking bondage couture in Vogue or boffing men twenty years their senior in Woody Allen movies, are surely the most over-sexualised creatures on the planet.

So do we really need to be teaching them ‘sex positive’ messages about taking charge of their sexuality? Surely they’re not missing the memo to get out there and put out?  

What the Kardashians can teach us about Christmas spirit

Don’t say I don’t write about the important things. We’re very sad that this is the first year the Kardashians MAY NOT continue their spectacle/tradition of dressing up as the credits on Friends for their annual Christmas card. But dry those tears – let’s take a fond look back at their Kards of Yore (and Merry, Merry Christmas to YOU dear reader)

When I was eight, my best friend’s aunt converted to Mormonism and ran off to Utah, and after ten long years of silence she finally sent them a Christmas card of her new family. My friend showed it to me, and we gawped at this family with their, all seven of them in matching white t-shirts tucked into high-waisted jeans, each person was holding a gun.

The fashion tip that makes us look fabulous & doesn’t cost a thing

We all have those “old reliables” in our closets we turn to on our fat days, our “don’t have anything to wear” days and our “can’t be arsed but want to feel presentable” days.

They’re rarely the most expensive items in our closets, nor the most on trend. But they fit like a glove, and highlight our assets while minimising our…”crap-sets.”

But finding those pieces in the shops is as rare as a Donald Trump good hair day.

Capsule dressing: why fashionistas swear by these simple 10 pieces

Confession: somehow writing about minimalist dressing inspired a powerful urge to run out and toot suite and buy a whole lot more stuff (aka ‘essentials’). PS. That’s my gorgeous student in the main photo and former travelling pal in the second. Who says columnists are lazy?

Tell the truth. When you read about the New York art director who wore the same simple but stylish outfit to work every day for three years, didn’t part of you think it was an act of genius? No more mornings madly trying on every combination in your wardrobe. No more forcing yourself to wear the NQR pieces you bought on sale to ‘shrink into’.

The pros and cons of an ‘ambush wedding’

The celebrisphere was rocked last week when, instead of milking her wedding for flashbulbs and cash, a reality TV contestant opted instead for a small and intimate ambush wedding on a Mexican beach.

“We both felt strongly that our ‘love day’ should be intimately special,” said Stacey Keibler,Dancing with the Stars contestant and George Clooney’s ex. “Everyone was screaming and hugging and over the moon.”

But were Keibler and her new husband Jared “Not Clooney” Pobre showing atypical celebrity modesty, or were they just jumping on board with the latest wedding fad, faster than you can say “mason jar sangria”? While trend-casting websites Jezebel and the Huffington Post were first in calling them “ambush weddings”, that term carries negative connotations. Like Jessa’s wedding inGirls, it implies the person you’re marrying is so wrong, the only way to get everyone to act happy about the union is to ambush them with it. A surprise wedding, on the other hand, sounds delightful.

Is yoga immune from fat-shaming?

There are days when the world feels like a competitive, ego-driven nightmare. A world dominated by the glossy and superficial, where a decent ‘box gap’ (if you don’t know, don’t Google) is as highly prized as a safe place to sleep for the night. At these times I like to remember that, as a yoga teacher, I am blissfully free from the repetitive, ‘not good enough / better than’ thoughts that dominate less bendy souls, and that my ‘office’ is a bastion of peace, tranquility, and ylang ylang-scented bliss.

The cult of Lululemon

When it comes to branded yoga gear, I’m a late adopter. For ten years I practiced Iyengar in the yoga equivalent of a crusty old boxing ring. No frills, just a few fun ropes hanging from the walls, and a teacher who had about as much truck with ‘yoga fashion’ as she did with us exiting Shoulderstand before ten minutes were up.