Hello! I am a Melbourne writer (and sometime yoga teacher). I’ve also been a dating agency swindler, barista, bar wench, call centre flunky, electricity bill fiddler, Professional Media Reader, University Tutor and fancy cinema function host (spying on famous footy players’ awkward first dates was my specialty). Whew!

Chances are, though, you’ve landed here because you’ve enjoyed one of my columns and want more. In which case welcome! If you want them emailed to you – plus the story behind them – join me over here. To leave feedback, thank you and hello!

If, on the other hand you’re here because you STRONGLY disagree with something I’ve written and would like to let me know, pop over and tell me under the offending column on Facebook. Let’s make that s*** public, I say.

Oh, personal information. Let’s see … I like speed-walking around the park having imaginary conversations with my enemies. I enjoy karaoke with people who can drown me out. And I love, love, love listening to and writing other people’s stories.

I live with my beloved and our baby son, who is the only person in the world who smiles when I sing.