Bonojur! I am an author and columnist. I mainly write fun lifestyley / feminismy / wellnessy / finance for ladies and fashion for people who aren’t fashionable – type columns. I also write a bit on addiction, domestic violence and why we all need to buy less and stroke more free-range bunnies.

Chances are you’ve landed here because you’ve enjoyed one of my columns and want more. In which case welcome! If you want them emailed to you – plus the story behind them – join me over here. To leave feedback, thank you and hello! (If, on the other hand you’re here because you STRONGLY disagree with something I’ve written and would like to let me know, pop over and tell me under the offending column on Facebook. Let’s make that s*** public, I say.)

Let’s see, ‘personal information’ … I live in Melbourne with my beloved and our little son, a.k.a the only person in the world who smiles when I sing.

When I’m not parenting I also teach writing at uni and yoga in workplaces (and private classes).

I like speed-walking around the park having imaginary conversations with my enemies, and I enjoy karaoke with people who can drown me out. And I love, love, love interviewing people more interesting than me (is it possible?) and writing their stories.